Multi-Cloud Newsletter Sept. 2021

Multi-Cloud Newsletter Sept. 2021
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Welcome to my first Multi-Cloud* Newsletter where I will try to summarize the most relevant multi-cloud news of the last weeks. The newsletter will also be posted on the website ( for future reference. You can subscribe to it via the subscribe button. (you will only get the newsletter via email, nothing else).

Biz Focus

In a unified multi-cloud world, the desire and goal would be for all key personas to be empowered, inclusive of their specific technology and business requirements.
Enter the multi-cloud strategy — a fresh approach to non-consistent environments.

How The World Of Multiple Clouds Is Becoming Multi-Cloud by Matthew Morgan

Multi-Cloud: It’s Not About Avoiding Lock-In — It’s About Avoiding Being Locked Out.
Multi-cloud debate often gets lost in the weeds of platform either/or comparisons, when actually it is all about having access to the apps and services you need across all of them. In fact, 80% of organizations are already deploying apps to diverse environments (including private cloud/data center, public clouds, and edge).

Multi-Cloud: It’s Not About Avoiding Lock-In -- It’s About Avoiding Being Locked Out by Richard Munro

A few principles are emerging around configuring, building, and deploying a multicloud architecture. At the core is the missing focus on the resulting operations, which is where most multicloud designs get in trouble.

Architects are focused on the wrong end of multicloud by David Linthicum

HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy survey results: Welcome to the Multi-Cloud Era.

HashiCorp's first-ever State of Cloud Strategy Survey uncovers some very clear results: a common multi-cloud operating model has become the de facto standard for IT organizations of all shapes and sizes to deliver on digital transformation. IT organizations are investing significant resources in multi-cloud deployments, and those investments are already paying off. At the same time, however, companies are still dealing with a variety of multi-cloud challenges and dependencies.

Multi-cloud is now an everyday reality. Already, ¾ of survey respondents employ a multi-cloud architecture (more than one cloud, public or private). In two years, almost 9 in 10 will do so.

VMware Q2FY2022 Earnings Conference Call

In the VMware Q2 earnings report, beyond highlighting that "Multi-Cloud is emerging as a customers' default strategy", multi-cloud was additionally called out in several ways, VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram called out 3 main reasons organisations are embracing multi-cloud;

1. Organisations are looking to deliver the best digital and app experiences by choosing the location of their services based on the technical capabilities and performance.
2. Organisations are looking to achieve business flexibility, lower costs, and better control, and avoid getting locked-in into a single cloud.
3.  Organisations want sovereignty, the ability to control where their data resides.

You can listen to the full replay here:

VMware's New CEO Talks Dell Spinoff And Multi-Cloud Future

VMware’s New CEO Talks Dell Spinoff And Multi-Cloud Future
Forbes goes deep with Raghu Raghuram on the three month anniversary of his CEO appointment. The VMware chief talks strategy and shares advice that Michael Dell gave him.

Tech Focus

New VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VMCRF) and Tech Zone Updates. Earlier this year, VMware announced the VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VMCRF) and released an initial whitepaper. This whitepaper established the core foundation and general direction of the VMCRF and introduced the VMware pillars of Plan, Build, Secure, Modernize, and Operate. Now several new updates to resources that can help organizations with their cloud readiness journey have been added. You can find the full details here:

The VMware Multi-Cloud Architect team posted a couple of very interesting videos over the last few weeks that I wanted to highlight below.

Creating VMware Clouds in Multiple Clouds

Connecting Google Cloud VMware Engine Workloads to Cloud SQL

Connecting Google Cloud VMware Engine Workloads to Cloud Filestore

Azure VMware Solution with Azure Files

VMware Cloud On AWS VDI and AWS FSX

VMware Tanzu Application Platform: A Better Developer Experience on any Kubernetes distribution.

During VMware’s annual SpringOne developer conference, they announced the public beta of ​Tanzu​ Application Platform. With Tanzu Application Platform, application developers and operations teams can build and deliver a better multi-cloud developer experience on any Kubernetes distribution, including Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, as well as software offerings like Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

For the full announcement see here:

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