Your Salesforce.com, only faster.

As mentioned in my previous post Riverbed has a joint SaaS optimization solution with Akamai called Steelhead Cloud Accelerator. In this blog post I will show you how to use this technology to accelerate your salesforce (people and the application).

Boot from SAN? How about boot from WAN!

With Granite we can use your consolidated infrastructure in the datacenter to power your branch remotely while still delivering on centralized management and provisioning.

SSL Acceleration

One of the prerequisites for WAN optimization is that the traffic we are attempting to de-duplicate across the WAN is not encrypted, we need “clear-text” data in order to find data patterns so de-duplication is most optimum.

Riverbed Whitewater and Caringo CAStor

One of the coolest, in my humble opinion of course, solutions I was able to work with when I was at Dell, was the CAStor Object Storage system from Caringo, OEM’ed as the Dell DX6000.