Azure Storage through the lens of Microsoft's own hardware

Microsoft Azure provides very compelling cloud storage services, Azure Storage offers a massively scalable object store for data objects (Blob), a file system service for the cloud (Files), a messaging store for reliable messaging (Queues), and a NoSQL store (Tables).

Containers and persistent storage

As containers continue to rise in popularity beyond the developer populous the way these constructs are being used becomes increasingly varied, especially (but not exclusively) in light of enterprise applications the questions of persistent storage comes up more and more.

Erasure Coding – a primer

Data also keeps growing, a corollary to Parkinson’s law is that data expands to fill the space available for storage, just like clutter around your house.

Intel and Micron 3D XPoint

3D Xpoint, as the name implies, is a crosspoint structure, meaning 2 wires crossing each other, with “some material*” in between, it does not use transistors (like DRAM does) which makes it easier to stack (hence the 3D)