Multi-Cloud Newsletter Sept. 2021

Introduction Welcome to my first Multi-Cloud* Newsletter where I will try to summarize the most relevant multi-cloud news of the last weeks. The newsletter will also be posted on the website (filipv.net)

VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure, and GCP

With the recent announcement of the Google Cloud VMware Solution you now have the possibility to run a VMware stack on each of the 3 major hyperscalers, AWS, Azure, and GCP. In this post I wanted to compare and contrast the 3 solutions.

VMware’s Cloud Nativeness

At first glance it feels like VMware’s efforts related to cloud native applications are meant to cater to the traditional admins, people who are mainly running virtual machines today but want, or need, to support other types of workloads as well.

VMware AppCatalyst, Bonneville, and Photon.

VMware has lot’s and lot’s of customers, running lot’s and lot’s of workloads, both dev and test workloads and production workloads, you know like, super duper important stuff that cannot, under any circumstance break.