The API Security Newsletter

The API Security Newsletter
Photo by Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash

I recently switched jobs and went from working in the virtualization/cloud industry to working in the security/API industry, hence I'm switching my Multi-Cloud Musings Newsletter to an API Security focused one. I'll also be using a different platform ( for the newsletter so you get less ads and a more optimized mobile reading experience.

The newsletter will be available via so please go ahead and subscribe if you are interested.

Even though I'm employed by a vendor in the API Security space (Noname Security) the newsletter will be independent, and focus on API Security news, insights, useful tools, and more. If you have interesting API news stories, links you want to include, cool tutorial videos, etc. please do reach out for inclusion in the newsletter, I want to create something universally helpful for the API Security community at large.

PS. I purposely did not publish this post to the existing Multi-Cloud Musings subscribers.